About Club


Maharawal His Highness Shri Brijrajsinghji

Patron- in- Chief


Mr. Ashok Modi


In around year 1962 few sports lovers established an association of high society people with same mindset, who loved to play, interact, discuss and support each other with friendly environment. This association was a team of people from all sectors like from royal family, sports persons, prominent doctors, lawyers, businessmen and high end professionals. The association was then given an identity with a brand, name as “Jodhpur club”. Initially for some years it was getting managed cordially with an increase in number of interested associates as members and working towards making it a stronger entity. But an unfortunate part happened by the demise of two – three key members resulting into slow deactivation of the club. Following all these, most of the members made their involvement lesser and some of them gradually passed away leaving a very low number of active members.

In the year 2016-17 some of them with interference of royal family, again met and decided to reform the almost fainted club with an idea to recreate the lost magic by involving a team with enhanced clubbing experience. Accordingly, the entire setup of cottages, gym & sports, furniture & fittings, kitchenware etc; to provide all club facilities to the visiting members, was decided to renovate, which is under process. In order to facilitate the members and to invite people from all parts of country and abroad, a decision to affiliate the club with Indian and globally renowned clubs was taken.

Presently Maharawal His Highness Shri Brijraj Singhji is the Patron- in- chief of the club. The Chief Secretary (R), High court Judge (R), Addl. DG Police, DG Income tax(Inv.) Rajasthan are our patron members and many other senior bureaucrats, judicial officers, bankers, artists, & high class corporate, who are well aware of club etiquettes and protocol. The routine and renovation activities are very well managed by Retd. Colonel Mr. R. K. Sharma who is very agile and highly involved in every club activity.

We are the only club in Jodhpur with outstanding amenities, and, for selected affiliated golf club members, an special feature of additional facility of 18 holes golf at fine brown court, enjoyment of sand dunes with camel safari (both at a little drive) and above all best staying place to be with family.

We are well affiliated to many prominent clubs worldwide & will certainly keep our journey of affiliations going on strong till we get best of the best with us.